Responsible use of natural resources and reduction in pollution are the key for environmental sustainability. Water treatment, recycling of used water and reuse of water improve quality of water and reduce water usage resulting in economic efficiency and environmental sustainability. VES provides a range of consultancy services and customised products to address environmental issues.

Plant layout is key for environmental solutions as each plant design needs to be customised to match the available input and required output. VES provides customised plant design considering relevant needs and specific situations

VES provides after sales services for maintenance of water treatment plants. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is offered by VES to sustain efficiency and increase the lifespan of water treatment plants as per agreed service terms.

VES extends operation support and maintenance services through onsite skilled technicians to operate the water treatment plants as per client requirements. The technicians are equipped to operate plants and monitor the output to maintain the standards as per stipulated water quality requirements.

VES as part of its maintenance services, supplies durables such as chemicals and spare parts for uninterrupted operations of the water treatment plants as per agreed service deals.

Filtering Medias
Flocculation Chemicals
Coagulation Chemicals
Sludge transfer equipment

Flash Mixers
MBBR Media
Lamella clarifiers
Pressure Sand Filters
Activated Carbon Filters
Multi Grade Filters
Iron Removers