VES delivers advanced water treatment plants customised to desalinate different kinds of water for commercial and drinking purposes.

VES offers ozonization plants, as part of chemical water treatment technique by infusion of ozone into water. Ozonisation plants has a wide range of applications, as it is effective for disinfection and degeneration of organic and inorganic pollutions.

VES promotes the use of renewable natural resources such as biogas, produced from materials such as agricultural waste, manure, solid waste, sewage, and food waste. VES provides biogas plants ranging from small residential to large scale industries for various applications.

VES provides RO Treatment Plants for large scale drinking water purification and recycling of waste water for reuse and water reclamation.

VES provides ready to use ‘Containerised Water Treatment Plants’ that require no onsite installation. These treatment plants offer a wide range of advantages, as they need smaller area for setting up and require minimum civil work for erecting the plant.

VES provides advanced Sludge Dewatering systems for waste minimization and achieve an economically efficient waste disposal system by reducing overall cost.

VES provides oil separators as per client’s requirement. Oil separators from VES are designed to treat a variety of contaminations in water including free floating oil, emulsified oil, dissolved oil and suspended solids.

As per the usage of the treated water, VES also provides Nano filtration as an alternate to RO Plants. Nano Filtration plants deliver a slightly coarser filtration compared to RO Plants. These plants have the potential to remove harmful pollutants while retaining required minerals. These plants are best suited for drinking water treatment plants.

The use of hard water increases scaling in the plumbing lines and can lead to corrosion. VES offers Softening Plants that are customised to suit different applications.

VES provides highly customised solutions for sewage, effluent and industrial waste water treatment plants. The machines designed and manufactured are as per industry standards and are economic in the long term.